Biotin, Vitamin B8: Disability

Biotin, Vitamin B8: Disability
Biotin deficiency is relatively rare and Begnins, and can be treated with supplements. This deficiency can be caused by excessive consumption of raw egg whites (20 eggs per day would be necessary to induce), which contain high levels of the protein avidin, which binds tightly with biotin. Avidin is denatured by cooking, while the biotin remains intact.

Symptoms of biotin deficiency manifests include hair loss and a scaly red rash around the eyes, nose, mouth and genital area. The neurological symptoms in adults include depression, lethargy, hallucinations, and numbness and tingling in the extremities. The characteristic rash of the face with an unusual distribution of facial fat, has been called the "biotin-deficient face" by some experts. Individuals with hereditary disorders of biotin deficiency have evidence of impaired immune system function, including increased susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections.

Biotinidase deficiency is not due to lack of biotin, but rather a deficit in the enzymes that process.

Signs of Biotin deficiency: In general, appetite and growth are reduced. Dermatological symptoms including dermatitis, alopecia (hair loss) and achromotrichia (lack or loss of pigment in hair). Perosa (thickening and shortening of the bones). Syndrome Fatty Liver and Kidney (FLKS) and fatty liver may also occur. A genetic defect may also cause biotin deficiency. Holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency is a genetic mutation. This is a serious metabolic disorder. The biochemical events and clinics are: ketolactique acidosis, organic aciduria, hyperammonemia, rash, feeding problems, hypotonia, seizures, developmental delay, alopecia, and coma. This disease is fatal, however, the event peuventt be reversed by pharmacological doses of biotin (10-100 mg daily).

Pregnant women tend to have a high risk of biotin deficiency. Research shows that almost half of pregnant women have an abnormal increase of acid 3-hydroxyisovaleric reflecting the reduction in the rate of biotin.

Many studies have indicated that any deficiency in biotin during pregnancy can cause birth defects such as cleft lip. Mice fed with dried egg to produce a biotin deficiency during pregnancy has led to 100% incidence of infant malnutrition. Infants and embryos are more sensitive to biotin deficiency. Therefore, even slight level of maternal biotin deficiency, which does not appear physiological signs can have a serious consequence for infants.

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