Tendinitis is a painful inflammation of a tendon, and is part of musculoskeletal disorders.

The human body contains many tendons but most do not ignite. A small group is manifested especially by inflammation, it is the tendons of the muscles:

* Carpal tunnel at the wrist, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome;
* Elbow, causing epicondylitis (commonly called "tennis elbow") or epitrochleitis (tendinitis golfer);
* Of the rotator cuff (shoulder), causing the tendinitis of the rotator cuff;
* Triceps surae or Achilles tendon (Achilles tendon);
Tensor fascia lata *, causing the syndrome ilio-tibial band or "syndrome wiper" in the knee;


* Of the bridle, tied to a rotation, tendinitis usually found among cyclists;
* Quadriceps or patellar tendon.

When the synovial sheath is affected, it is called tenosynovitis.

* Burnout
* Intense efforts and / or repeated (often in athletes)
* Articular malposition
* Drugs (fluoroquinolones)
* Some parasitic and infectious diseases (eg In Lyme disease caused by certain Borrelia can be transmitted by tick bites), 2nd or 3rd stage, some patients develop tendonitis, synovitis or bursitis recurring.)

* Pain on palpation of the tendon
* Pain in the tension of the muscle tendon
* Feeling sad when hooking movements involving the tendon
* Nodosities tendon (tenosynovitis involving chronic fibrosis)
* Pain due to change of weather (rain, wind ...)

Methods commonly used:

* Rest or immobilization by splinting (Orthopedic) (always essential)
* Analgesics
* Corticosteroid infiltrations
* Physiotherapy, whose treatment by radial shock wave lithotripsy extracorporeal derivative

Methods which no empirical evidence of their effectiveness:

* Chiropractic
* Phytotherapy (horsetail, Harpagophytum procumbens)
* Osteopathy
* Etiopathy
* Kinothérapie, massage, physiotherapy

See also Arthritis