Arthritis (from Greek arthron: articulation) is an acute or chronic inflammation of the joints whose origin is rheumatic or infectious. It does not mean the disease listed under the name of osteoarthritis but a clinical sign of one of many joint diseases.

It is a disease usually mild but can be very debilitating. It is most often initiated by the friction of abnormal fibers of a tendon (consisting mainly of collagen) abnormally applied on a bone or a joint.

It speaks of inflammatory monoarthritis, when one joint is affected by the phenomenon. Among monoarthritis may be applied:

* Microcrystalline arthritis

1. gouty arthritis or gout (urate of sodium)
2. chondrocalcinosis (calcium pyrophosphate crystals)

* Post-traumatic arthritis
Arthritis * infectious (bacterial, viral or fungal), also known as septic arthritis

also known as:

* Means an attack of oligoarthritis February-March joints.
* Lyme arthritis (a consequence of borreliosis)
* Reactive arthritis (eg in response to infection by the bacterium Yersinia (yersiniosis))
* Arthritis by misuse, which means most often rheumatoid arthritis (RA), to describe multiple joint damage.

* Pain in the inflamed tendons, stress (only early effort, then disappearing with the heating in case of mild inflammation)
* Stitches even at rest or chronic pain in more severe cases, possibly:
* Inflammation (redness, warmth)
* Swelling of the joint (bursitis) and reduced mobility

* Rest (with immobilization of the joint, the elbow and shoulder, for example tennis elbow), or in severe cases:
* Physiotherapy
* Orthopaedic
* Arthroplasty
* Joint prosthesis

Nearly 10% of the population, regardless of the country, would be affected by some form of arthritis.
People should make movements and efforts are often victims répétififs (sports, workers at the chain, knitter, butcher, gardener, etc.). A known example is the tennis elbow of the player too hard courts, but the tendinitis is common in other sports practices and represent approximately 50% of the same reasons for visiting athletes.

A new form of tendonitis of the wrist appeared with the increasing use of the computer mouse.


* Although many causes, arthritis can lead to ultimate
No deterioration of the articular surfaces, and
o the progressive loss of joint function.
* Depending on the cause, vary
No clinical signs and
o the rate of deterioration of the articular surfaces

for a particular context of arthritis.

Septic arthritis and willingly Typically, the bed of a rapid deterioration, sometimes very fast, articular cartilage, while osteoarthritis, especially early, is above all the mark of a slow deterioration, sometimes very slow .

The impact of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis on the budget and resources of nations is important.

* In sports, heating prior to training and competition reduces the risk of tendonitis, as well as drinking enough. The materials used and the soil also play (eg tendinitis distance runners). After the workout, stretching is also known to reduce the risk of tendinitis. A ground not too hard, suitable footwear and appropriate ergonomics materials used also reduce this risk.

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