The clavicle, from the Latin meaning Clavicula small wrench, designates a bone anatomy of the anterior upper chest, placed between the upper tip of the sternum and the top of the shoulder. Its overall shape is that of an inverted "S". It is an elongated bone epiphysis has only located at the sternoclavicular joint, the other end not as an epiphysis not caused by endochondral ossification. She has two ends (including the pineal gland). It has a protrusion, the deltoid tubercle, which corresponds to the insertion of the deltoid muscle.

Upper face
The upper surface of the clavicle gives attachment to the deltoid muscle on the outer third and posterior to the trapezoid on its outer third and anterior

On both internal and third previous fits the pectoralis major which fits behind the superficial cervical fascia. (The clavicle has a tuber, called the deltoid tubercle at the distal end of the superficial cervical fascia.)

More behind the fascia fit muscle sterno-occipital and sterno-mastoid muscle (the muscle sterno-mastoid being located behind the muscle sterno-occipital). While the muscle sterno-hyoid and sterno-hyoid inserted at the posterior edge of the inner part.

On the most posterior part of the upper surface of the clavicle and always on his first two thirds, fits the average cervical fascia.

The underside of the clavicle is cut in half by a groove (located on the middle third of the clavicle) inside which fits the subclavian muscle.

The posterior lip of this insertion of the fascia-pectoro-axillary clavicle and the insertion of the medial ligament coracoclavicular.

Under the posterior lip is now the nutrient foramen of the clavicle.

The medial part of the clavicle has an articular surface articulating with the sternum extended its posterior part by a slight protuberance called Knocker Farabeuf.

Outside this surface, fit costoclavicular ligaments and muscle sterno-hyoid, the latter being inserted at the posterior edge of the clavicle and the ligament costo-clavicular nearest the front edge.

The lateral part of the clavicle is flattened and has an articular surface corresponding to that of the acromion along an axis oblique inward looking forward. Alongside this articular surface fits the trapezoid ligament (insert form whose base is located along the articular surface and the top on the conoid tubercle).

Located inside the conoid ligament is the tuber on which the conoid ligament conoïdien fits.

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