Anus Fissure

The anus is the orifice through which the rectum, the terminal part of the large intestine (colon), aboucher outside the body. The anus has sphincters enabling them, in normal times, to stay closed and keep the feces inside the rectum. It opens during defecation.

Use as input channel medicale
The anus is a privileged path to the body (like the mouth). It is used to introduce certain medications or take the body temperature (although this practice more widely used in France than in other countries, tends to disappear). Enemas are medications introduced through the anus.

Sexual practices
By its rich innervation, anus allows sexual practices such as sodomy, Analingus or fisting. These practices are perceived as pleasant by those who practice them because of the stimulation of the prostate caused by the procedure.

Anal fissure
The anal fissure is a deterioration of the skin around the anus, resulting most often in sodomy or a fisting without sufficient lubrication.

At least forty percent of adults are suffering from this disease. Symptoms may include rectal blood red after the saddle, also called prolapse procidence often unpleasant, gravity rectal pain, seeps.

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