Drug Rehab

A detox is a process to reduce the problems associated with addiction to a minimum acceptable level vis-à-vis the adverse consequences on daily life (emotional, social, economic). Many different programs exist with their own specificity. Ideally, most of the detoxification treatment designed to establish abstinence.

The implementation of a detoxification treatment must be voluntary action on the person suffering from addiction, for caregivers is an essential condition for the success of the cure. The detox is often the first step in a process allowing the individual to adopt a lasting change in lifestyle. It is, for example, prior to post-cure.

In case of physical dependence, the detoxification begins with a few days of weaning often highly medicalized, corresponding to the physical detoxification.

The criticism is usually the lack of monitoring after the treatment resulting in relapse and aim to say that as a follow-up will not be put in place, cures remain elements of a "vicious circle".

In France
The detoxification treatment if it is completed legally is considered as an acceptance of care and puts an end to prosecution of drug abuse.

According to the Code of Public Health, the prosecutor may draw DDASS addicts with obligation to follow a detox.

The costs are covered by health insurance and care may be anonymous.

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