The Brilliant Lackporling (Ganoderma lucidum) is a mushroom of the genus of Lackporlinge (Ganoderma).

The Brilliant Lackporling is a derber mushroom with an approximately 5 to 20 cm high hat, in a (mostly) sitting side shaft. The hat of the fruit body is about 1 to 3 cm thick. The fruiting body is equipped with a yellowish, reddish later (until reddish brown or reddish-black) nachdunkelnden resin layer covers. This resin layer melts in a match or lighter flame. The edge of the fungus is white, the bottom is a whitish coating pores per mm can be found about 4 to 5 pores. The significant stem (sometimes only as a basis stielförmige expanded) is red-brown to almost black and shimmering purple.

Way of life
The Brilliant Lackporling is a holzbewohnender Saprophyt or weakness of the parasite especially hardwoods populated. As a substrate, especially oaks in question, along with other deciduous shrubs, rare conifers (pine and spruce). The fungus inhabited mainly wärmebegünstigte oak or mixed oak forests, beside Rotbuchenwälder, hardwood floodplain. Outside these habitats, the Bright Lackporling in hedges, in parks and Wegrändern be found if the substrate (oak or beech) is present. The year's fruiting bodies are trees, roots or on the basis of live stem host trees.

The Brilliant Lackporling is probably spread worldwide, but there is uncertainty, mainly due to the still unclear demarcation to related forms. In the holarctic is the kind particularly in Mediterranean and temperate areas spread in Europe up to southern Scandinavia. In Germany, the Bright Lackporling throughout the territory scattered irregularly disseminated.

The Brilliant Lackporling belongs to a set of closely related families of the genus Ganoderma, which is only partly through the substrate choice differ and their taxonomic rank is unclear. In Europe, belong to this complex following types: Harziger Lackporling (Ganoderma resinaceum), Dark Lackporling (Ganoderma carnosum) and Ganoderma valesiacum (form from the Alps and the Carpathians, there Larch). Non-European species of the complex are on Tsuga growing Ganoderma tsugae and Ganoderma oregonese. From East Asia come Ganoderma sinense and Ganoderma japonicum.

As an edible mushroom, the Bright Lackporling no question as wood pest he is insignificant. In East Asia, the fungus as a remedy. Therapeutic applications often aimed at strengthening the immune system and the liver and to stimulate the metabolism. The therapeutic benefits of G. lucidum containing preparations for the treatment of various diseases is suffering or by evidence in the literature Having However, many of the allegedly responsible unknown chemical substances and their natural resources in the biological material can sometimes vary. Moreover, by confusion with other related species close to the effectiveness of G. lucidum preparations affected. Even the fungal spores are used.

Because of its multiple use as a medical healing and strengthening products G. lucidum is also grown in culture. The Chinese Ling Zhi name means "spirit plant, other common Chinese names are" mushroom of immortality "," tens of thousands-year-mushroom ", and" herb of spiritual power ". It is in China as the "king of herbs" and the traditional Chinese medicine as a medicinal fungus. He is there as equal to the ginseng (Panax ginseng). Presumably, the fungus in China for millennia as a tonic.

In the open-source beer "Free Beer", this fungus in version 3.3 as the "spice".

Synonyms and other names

* Ganoderma atkinsonii

Other names under which he in Germany in alternative circles is known, are Japanese: Reishi or Chinese: Ling Zhi.