The herbal tonic


The herbal tonic
The herbal tonic was the term for traditional medicine from Indonesia. Later popular with the herb term or herbal.

The herbal tonic was made from natural materials, take the form of part of the plant like the rhizome (the roots), the foliage and stick skin,. There is also used the material from the animal body, like goat bile or tangkur the crocodile.

The herbal tonic is usually felt bitter so as to have to be increased honey as the sweetener so that it seems more could be tolerated by his drinker.

In various cities was gotten by the seller's profession of the herbal tonic carried that went round peddled the herbal tonic as the healthy and refreshing drink. Moreover the herbal tonic was also produced in herbal tonic factories by the big company like the Air Mancur Herbal Tonic, Nyonya Meneer or Djamu Djago, and was sold in various medicine shops in the package sachet. The herbal tonic must be like this dissolved in hot water before before being drunk. In the further development of the herbal tonic also was sold in the form of the tablet, kaplet and the capsule.

The sale of the herbal tonic carried
The sale of the kind and the number of herbal tonics carried very varying for each pedlar. This matter depended on the habit that was studied by them from the experience about the herbal tonic what had an interest taken in him as well as the order that was asked for by the customer. Every day the number and the herbal tonic kind that were peddled always not be the same, depended the habit and the requirement for the consumer. After being carried out by data collection? , was received by information that the herbal tonic kind that was sold was eight, that is the galingale rice, the chilli puyang, kudu galingale, the key told, uyup-uyup/gepyokan, kunir acid, pahitan, and sinom.

Almost all the sellers of the herbal tonic provided all this herbal tonic kind despite the number that was brought differed in accordance with the requirement for the consumer. Respectively the herbal tonic kind was presented to be drunk single or was mixt by one herbal tonic kind with the other kind. Some of the respondents, apart from providing the herbal tonic carried also provided the dust herbal tonic or the pill produced by the production of the herbal tonic industry.

This herbal tonic was drunk by means of being mixt hot water, occasionally was mixt the citrus fruit nipis, honey, the egg yolk, et cetera drank the herbal tonic sinom or kunir acid as feeling freshener.