The myoma is a benign tumor composed of muscle tissue. This is one of the so-called hormone-sensitive diseases.

One differentiates:

* The rhabdomyomas consisting of striated muscle tissue, very rare;
* And leiomyomas (or liomyomes) very common, consisting of smooth muscle fiber, as in uterine fibroids, often called, wrongly, uterine fibroid.

"Uterine Myoma" is the name given to benign disease and frequently characterized by the formation of fibroids in the uterine muscle.

The fibroid degenerates into cancer almost never (only 0.5% of fibroids degenerate into malignant tumor).

Approximately 20-30% of Caucasian women and 50% of African women have fibroids. The prevalence is also much higher in the West Indies and the DOM / TOM. Some sources argue that the risk of having fibroids is up to nine times higher among African women, African-American and Afro caribiennes than among Caucasian women.

The origin of leiomyomas is poorly understood, but it is known that fibroids are associated with an excess of estrogen, which may be associated with a lack of progesterone.

The uterine lining, due to the hyperoestrogenism is weakened and inflamed, so it will bleed more easily, and there is bleeding.

It often involves an injection of progesterone, either to overcome the lack of progesterone is to decrease the secretion of estrogen during the second part of the menstrual cycle (secretory phase).

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