Masseter muscle

Masseter muscle
The masseter muscle or masseter (musculus masseter in Latin) is a powerful muscle of the masticatory system (= muscles of mastication).

It consists of two beams, one superficial and one deep.


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o The beam is inserted into the superficial anterior 2 / 3 of the zygomatic arch, with insertion on the postero-inferior to the zygomatic bone by a fascial strip joining the lateral muscle.
o The bundle comes deep on the bottom edge of the zygomatic arch, including the zygomatic process of temporal bone.
* Route
o The beam surface is obliquely downward and backward.
o The vertical beam is deep down.

* Advertisement tail: it fits on the side of the mandible.
o superficial beam ends on the lower part of the ramus of the mandible (mandibular ramus), by covering the gonion (angle of mandible).
o The deep beam ends on the lateral surface of ramus, above the surface going up to coronoid process.

The muscle is covered with the masseteric fascia, which, with the two bundles of muscle and mandibular ramus, forming a box osteo-fibrous, fully closed, except for a space between the condyle of the mandible and the posterior edge of deep beam. It is through this space that pass the vessels and nerves of the muscle.

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