Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, mucous membranes and appendages (nails, hair). It is traditionally associated with the venereology, that is to say, the study of venereal disease or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Histology and physiology

The skin consists of several layers:

* Hypodermis
* Derm
o reticular dermis
o Deep dermis
o papillary dermis
* Basement membrane
* Skin
o Stratum germinativum
o Stratum granulosum
o Stratum spinosum
o Stratum corneum

Elementary lesions

* Atrophy
* Bubbles
* Discoloration
* The erythema (and rash)
* Keratoses
* The macules
* Nodules
* Papules
* The purpura
* The pustules
* The scales
* Sclerosis
* Tumors
* Ulcers
* Vegetations or warts
* The vesicles

Signs functional [

* Itching
* Pain
* Hyperhidrosis

Physical Signs

* Effect of vitropression
* Nikolsky's sign
* Fluorescence at the Wood's lamp
* Lines of Blaschko

Explorations dermatological

* Skin biopsy

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