National Academy of Medicine

National Academy of Medicine
The National Academy of Medicine, historically founded in 1731 from the Royal Academy of Surgery, which was incorporated in 1820 in the Royal Academy of Medicine, is a learned medical society located in Paris, rue Bonaparte, but is not part de l'Institut de France.

The Royal Academy of Medicine was founded by Louis XVIII in 1820, under the leadership of Baron Antoine Portal federation who learned three medical Royal Society of Medicine, the Royal Academy of Surgery and the Society of the Faculty of Medicine . Its statutes are based on those of the Royal Academy of Surgery (1731) and the Royal Society of Medicine (1776). The Academy of Medicine, Royal became Emperor from 1851 to 1870, then national from 1 March 1947.

Article 2 of the Ordinance of 1820, signed by Louis XVIII defines the status and tasks of the Royal Academy of Medicine as follows:

"This academy will be established specifically to meet the demands of the Government on all matters of interest to the public health, mainly on outbreaks, diseases peculiar to certain countries, the epidemics, the case of forensics, the spread of vaccinia review of new medicines and cures secrets, both internal and external, natural mineral waters or fake, and so on.

It will also be responsible for continuing the work of the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Academy of surgery: it will take care of all the objects of study or research that can contribute to the progress of various branches of art to heal.

Accordingly, all records and papers belonging to the Royal Society of Medicine or the Royal Academy of Surgery, and relating to their work, will be donated to the new Academy and deposited in its archives. "

At its inception, the Academy held its meetings at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. It took from 1824 to 1850 a small local street in Poitiers, and then moved into the disused chapel of the Hospital de la Charite de la rue des Saints-Peres, before moving permanently to the hotel in the Rue Bonaparte, built by the architect Justin rochet from 1899 to 1902. Today the Academy holds meeting every Tuesday afternoon.

The tasks of the Academy are to answer all questions asked by the french government in the field of public health. In addition to its advisory role, it may also, without prior solicitation, issue any notice or communication to be widely disseminated. The Academy also works in the development and dissemination of medical and pharmaceutical sciences and their applications. It also plays a fundamental role, with prices and the scholarships awarded each year in aid to medical research.

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