North America
In North America, the audiologist is a professional paramedical deals and rehabilitation of communication disorders related to hearing, supplementing the speech which deals with communication disorders related to speech and language.

* Tinnitus
* The occupational deafness
* Hearing loss in the elderly
* The hearing impairment in adulthood
* The deaf-blind (deaf and blind)
* The minimum hearing loss in children (hearing difficult to detect, leading to school failure)
* The central auditory problems in children
* Deafness at birth

It works in a relationship with the ENT doctor, and if necessary with the other hearing. The most often used in a hospital or a rehabilitation center, he works within a multidisciplinary team consisting of speech and other stakeholders. Not only is rehabilitating the hearing, ensure the learning of alternative methods (eg lip reading), advises on the selection of a prosthesis, but also in the life of his patient to inform his family of the necessary adaptations to pursue a normal life.

In 2008, there were 307 audiologists in Quebec.

In France, a practicing audiologist does not exist. This business is at the crossroads of the ENT doctor, the hearing and the speech therapist. To date, several formations can upgrade the hearing and speech to enable them to acquire the function audiologist, as can be seen in Canada.

Since 2005, a Master of Audiology exists which is the premise for the creation of a true path "Audiology" on the basis of the European LMD system.(W3C)

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