Ear Infection Treatment


The otosclerosis is a disease of middle and inner ear which affects mainly women rule at the third decade and attained two ears but mostly so shifted over time. The genetic factor is predominant, and the disease is wandering significant hormonal changes, such as during puberty or early pregnancy. Some also consider taking a hormone (eg contraceptives) may play a role.

This is a disease of bone (the bone capsule Ear), and there are two types:

* A first type consists of fixing the deck of the stapes in the oval window;
* The second type, called cochlear otosclerosis, involves calcification of the bony labyrinth of the inner ear.

The famous deaf Beethoven that hit from 1802 was probably the first type.

The diagnosis is often referred to a progressive hearing loss in normal eardrum. There may be tinnitus. The audiogram and tympanogramme enough to evoke the diagnosis in a classic (hearing loss in normal eardrum with a young woman of thirty years worsened after pregnancy and with a family history of otosclerosis). The tympanogramme no longer stapedial reflexes are eliminated so early in the disease.

Ear Infection Treatment
Treatment of otosclerosis is usually surgically excised tissue excess or replace those bones or window of the vestibule. The replacement of the stapes prosthesis is an appointed stapedectomie, but most of the time it is actually a stapedotomie which is practiced.

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