Bring the Earth Bacteria to the Space, Serious!


Bring the Earth Bacteria to the Space, Serious!
The serious THREAT was dealt with by the inhabitants of the earth, the deadly attack that came from outside the space was lurking. Not the threat from the big meteorite that fell to the earth or the attack of the outer space creature as fiction films. However the bacteria from the earth that was brought as far as the outer space experienced the mutation that made this bacteria to be very deadly.

The body of Antariksa United States (NASA) that found that the bacteria came from the earth in weightless space, experienced the mutation to the killing bacteria. The bacteria 'salmonella' that was brought from the earth in the shuttle flight outside the space, was proven experienced the mutation to the bacteria was very deadly. In the research outside the space, the bacteria 'salmonella' that was carried, was bred in culture of food. This bacteria had the shape of the stick and triggered the sign of food poisoning that was marked went to the toilet continually to humankind. On arrival to the earth, 'salmonella' that was developed in the weightless environment was tested to the trial mouse, and faster was killed compared to the mouse that received the infection 'salmonella' in the earth.

Around 150 gene sequences from 'salmonella' that was brought to space, was proven to be far more active compared to the gene 'salmonella' normal, said the management of the research of Dr Cheryl Nickerson from the Arizona University that revealed, in the weightless condition, the system of human body immunity functioned weaker compared with if was in the earth. Meaning that the risk to be infected by the prospective illness also became again bigger. Sent the astronaut was older outside the space and increasingly far from the earth, the risk of the infection was again bigger. The mutation of the bacteria 'salmonella' outside the space, not only the weightless condition, but the impact of the weightless condition on the liquid in the cell. Resulting from the weightless condition outside the space, the mechanism of the molecule friction in the cell liquid decreased. The condition like this was similar with when the bacteria 'salmonella' was in the digestion channel of humankind. for this bacteria, the style reduction of the friction was in the cell liquid interpreted as the signal entered the bigger organism body. So as 'salmonella' as quickly as possible changed his metabolism system, especially with reduced drastic the production of the certain molecule that was acknowledged as LPS to the wall of the cell, that functioned as the sign of the existence of the enemy for the defence cell of the body.

In the research outside the space, the bacteria 'salmonella' showed the ferocity of his attack compared to the available bacteria in the earth. Outside the space, 'salmonella' formed the cellular layer, that was the sign of the production bio-film the patron. Bio-film this usually had the shape of the liquid was very thick from pollysacharida, that was functioning ward off the attack from outside.

In the human body, the Salmonella kind that caused typhus, also formed bio-film that kind, to hide in the gall-bladder in order to be not traced by the system of body immunity. This condition enabled the bacteria typhus could hide for years without could be traced, and attacked if his situation beneficial.

The research that was carried out gave one picture and the question that was not yet answered whether outside the very wide space also was gotten by the bacteria that was waiting for the new foster-mother from the earth.