A osteosarcoma (sarcoma osteogene) is the most common malignant bone tumor primary, if one excludes myeloma and lymphoma. He has a predilection for the region metaphyses of long tubular bones. 50% of cases occur around the knee. It is a malignant tumor tissue (soft) whose cells have a neoplastic osteoblastic differentiation and form of bone tumor. With advances in medical oncology osteosarcoma has a far better prognosis than a few years ago but this form of cancer remains relatively rare.

5% of tumors of children. More common among young (average age 16 years [1]) in adults can also suffer from this form of cancer. There is a slight male. 150 to 200 new cases per year in France

Tumour bone usually located on the long bones (femur, tibia, peronne, humerus ...) but also on flat bone.

The symptoms are not obvious to define. In general, they are present in the form of slenderness in part or in the affected limb when the individual is at rest. This pain, strong and well-located, is accentuated by pressure on the bone. Possible tendinitis (elbow tendinitis that does not heal: A case for osteosarcoma of the humerus). In extreme cases, it is detected during a spontaneous fracture of the bone (in this case the tumor has consumed almost all of the bones).

Gonalgies persistent (despite the anti pain), which will become insomniantes

A multidrug therapy (API protocol AI) is prescribed with surgical removal of the tumor and a possible installation of prosthesis to replace the bone.

Depending on the speed of detection and the rank and status, Metastatic, the prognosis for recovery is over 70% if the disease is supported precocement (big improvement over recent decades) but is bad in the case with many deaths caused by metastases (including lung) within two years.

Osteosarcoma canine

* Testimony

The speed of progr├ęssion malignancies is relatively high. When the diagnosis is made by a veterinarian, the chances that your pet so it is very slim. The dog that we have is dead after 2 months. Without medical support, this time may shrink.

Generally, the veterinarian will prescribe:

* Painkillers

* Cortisone

This is the only thing we can do to my knowledge.

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