Royal Army Medical Corps

Royal Army Medical Corps
The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC or "Medical Corps Royal Army" in French) is a body of the British Army which provides medical services to military personnel and their families in times of war or peace .

With the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Royal Army Dental Corps and Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, the RAMC forms the Army Medical Services.

Because the RAMC is not a military wing, and after the Geneva Convention, its members are allowed to use their weapons only in self defense. For this reason, they marched in two traditions:

* The officers did not take out their swords (they hold their sleeve with their left hand and salute with his right hand)
* The other grades do not fix bayonets to their guns

Officer career RAMC:

* Doctor (Doctor (Medical Officer))
* Pharmacist (Pharmacist)
Physiotherapist * (Physiotherapist)
* Officer of Health and Environment (Environmental Health Officer)
* Support Medical Officer (Medical Support Officer)
* Technical officer (technical officer - Biomedical Scientist / Radiography / Clinical Physiologist / Operating Department Practitioner)

Career soldier RAMC:

* Physiologist (Clinical Physiologist)
Health Technician * Combat (Combat Medical Technician)
* Practitioners of Surgery (Operating Department Practitioner)
* Pharmacy Technician (Pharmacy Technician)
* Technician-Environmental Health (Environmental Health Technician)
* Biomedical Science (Biomedical Scientist)
* Manipulator in medical electroradiology (radiography)

Unlike other medical officers of other countries, those in the RAMC (and those of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) do not use the prefix "Dr." but only their grade, although it 's address them as "Doctor."

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