A mother is the biological parent or social female of a child, the biological parent or social male of a child being the father.

The word means "mother" is one of the most popular in the world through all the Indo-European (my root), and in many others (eg Chinese: Pinyin ma). In French, the word mother, which results from a child learning by repetition comes from Latin and Greek that means mamma breast. It connotes a certain affection and maternal role in the life of the child.

In the case of mammals like humans for example, the mother carries the child (first called an embryo and fetus) in her uterus from conception until it is sufficiently developed to be born. Once the child is ready, the mother gives birth and gave birth to the child. After birth, the breast of the mother produces milk to feed the child.

For non-gendered, "mother" is sometimes used to mean "parent", in the case of unicellular organisms that reproduce by fission, the "mother" means the cell that divides to produce "daughters".

Mothers have an important role in educating children and the title mother can be given to a woman who is not the biological parent of the child but who fills the role of it and bring up child . This is usually an adoptive parent or a stepmother (the wife of the father of the child).

Mothers are celebrated in many countries. In France, Mother's Day on the last Sunday of May, unless it coincides with the day of Pentecost. In this case, it held the first Sunday in June In Switzerland, Mother's Day is held the second Sunday in May In the United Kingdom, a similar feast (Mothering Sunday) held the fourth Sunday of Lent. In the U.S., Australia and Canada, mothers are honored on the second Sunday in May (this is the Mother's Day, a name which dates from the late nineteenth century).

Different uses of mothers
In most societies, mothers who raise their children alone are called "single mother" (child born outside marriage) or "mother-daughter (the mother is still very young).

A woman carrying a child for another person or a couple is called "surrogate mother".

The stepmother may have two different statuses. Another wife of the father or mother of the bride or the bridegroom. Similarly to the stepfather.

The term mother is also working to designate any person of the stereotype of a mother (example: "Mother Michel).

In the Christian religion, "mother" is a sort of title for certain members of the religious community such as the abbess. We can also say Mother Superior. A famous religious styled Mother is Mother Teresa. The Virgin Mary the title Mother of God.

The term mother is also used metaphorically to describe:

* The source or creator as in Avarice is the mother of many evils. (Hazrat Ali)
* What is higher in the hierarchy as the "mother ship"
* What is the first in someone's life (mother tongue)
* What is first and most important (motherboard)
* What are the principles of all things: The Mothers (see Faust II, Goethe)
* Creation of Nature: Mother Nature

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