The discoloration is an elementary lesion in dermatological pathology. It is characterized by a blotch of different color skin, corresponding to an abnormal pigmentation.

The pigmentation may be excessive or inadequate, localized or generalized.

Discoloration generalized

* Albinism
* Argyria
* Hemochromatosis
* Addison's Disease

* Melanodermia arsenical
* Ochronosis
* Wilson's disease

Discoloration regional

* Chloasma
* Scars
* Freckles
* Fixed Eruption
* Leprosy achromiante
* Riehl's melanosis
* Melanosis turners
* Pityriasis versicolor
* Scleroderma drops
* Syphilides achromiantes (necklace of Venus in women)
* Vitiligo

Localized pigmentations

* Nevus pigmentation
o pigmented nevi
o Recklinghausen disease
o acanthosis nigricans
o incontinentia pigmenti
* Urticaria pigmentosa

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