Manicure Tips

The manicure is a beauty treatment designed to beautify your nails.

Different types of manicures

* Catalan Manicure: It is to redraw the white free edge of the natural nail to enhance it.

* Fake nails or nail Americans technique involves gluing or carving the material artificial over the natural nail.

There are different techniques to put the fake nails:

* Nails flexible plastic predecores can simply be glued. These nails are cheap and simple to perform, but they are intended for occasional use.
* From the fiberglass may be placed on the natural nail and then covered with glue (cyanoacrylate). This technique is generally used to repair broken nails.
* Balls of resin (acrylic liquid and powder) are worked with a brush and placed on the natural nail. This technique allows for extensions, sculpt nails very strong and decorations in three dimensions. This is the technique most used in the United States.
* From the gel-based acrylic can be worked with a brush, placed on the natural nail, then catalyzed by ultraviolet tubes. This technique is very popular in Europe and provides the nail more flexible than the resin.
* The acrygel resin and UV techniques are hybrids that work as the resin, but require ultraviolet light to catalyze the products.

Other senses
The word "manicure" sometimes abbreviated to "cure" is also the companion of a sweet young man cultivated, charming and dynamic in most villages north of Toulouse. Because of globalization, the term is sometimes used in other regions of France, but its use remains very marginal.