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The breast (from the Latin sinus, curvature, sinuosity, fold ") or chest as a whole, is the ventral region of the upper torso of an animal, especially that of mammals that includes humans. In the latter case, they are thick on the front of the chest.

The breast is also among mammals (including women), which contains the breast gland secretory breast milk for feeding young babies from birth. Among domestic mammals, they are called "worse". The term is generally used in the plural because nature has provided mammals several teats.

The breasts are more visible among adult women because they are prominent. But human males also have breasts which, although generally less important, are structurally identical (counterparts) to women, because they develop embryologic from the same tissue.

The word comes from the Latin sinus, curvature, sinuosity, fold, which meant including a fold of the robe covering the chest. His job had appeared designate the corresponding part of the body. But rather were used to mamma, "within" and Mamilla, within small, hence the English word "breast." Also, mammicula named a "small udder." That is where the word "mammal" whose main characteristic is to be provided with teats or breasts for humans.

The thesaurus of slang words on the breasts is important, like a sexual primary.

In women
A network of ducts is present in the rudimentary state in individuals of both sexes, the embryonic age to adulthood, but only women, under the hormonal influence from puberty, the long cycles and during pregnancy and lactation, the glandular develop.

The breasts contain glands lactogenic (or mammary glands), which become active during lactation and produce milk that nourish the human baby for the first few months of his life. During the period of lactation, the milk is secreted by the mammary glands and is released by separate channels at the nipple.

The main body of the breast is made up of fatty tissue. Breasts have their volume vary according to different parameters such as the ovulation cycle, the temperature or the excitement and during pregnancy. The limit of the areola, the pigmented and its network glandular vary with pregnancy and lactation. The nipple is erectile.

In addition to its biological function initial lactation, breast female plays an important role in seduction, eroticism and sexuality. It is a secondary sexual character.


1. Chest 2. 3 pectoral muscles. 4 lobules. Nipple 5. 6 areola. 7 ducts. Fat 8. Skin
On the surface, the breast is covered with skin (fascia superficialis) extending unlimited net until the region mamelonaire rounded and pigmented.

The skin of the areola has a grained because it is dotted with skin and sebaceous glands (gland Morgan) who s'hypertrophient to pregnancy and then take the name of tuber Montgomery. The areola is equipped with smooth muscle fibers, perialveolaires sphincter muscles that control the excretory function of the breast during lactation.

The nipple is the central and elevated the areola. The ducts to ensure the evacuation of milk secretion and lead by pores separated.

On the domestic front, the breast is mainly composed of a adipose tissue (fat) and Cooper's ligaments. The glandular tissue responsible for the production of milk exocrine represents only a small proportion of breast volume.

The mammary gland consists of lobes, separated by partitions conjunctivae, which are sets of buds or glandular acini developed during breastfeeding, drained by ducts filled to their end of a sinus galactophore leading separately at the nipple.

The breast is richly vascularized.

In the lymphatic system, the breast is divided into 4 dials, 2 external, 2 internal. The dials are drained external to the external thoracic artery, the axillae (ganglion of Sorgius) and lymph node sus clavicular. The dials are internal drainage in the sternum by the intrathoracic lymph node then relays sus clavicular.

On the deep, there are 3 muscles: the pectoralis major slip on which the mammary gland, a small chest and under-keyboard.

The breast is supported by the skin and suspensory ligament: the fibro-glandular span. At the lower level, the sub-path breast is formed by a thickening of these spans pulling the skin deep.

The upper limit of breast implantation is at the 2 or 3rd coast, its lower limit between the 6th and 7th coast.

Breasts vary in size. The size of the smaller cap is AA, which is smaller than an inch or 2.54 centimeters. This does not preclude the possibility of breastfeeding.

The possession of large volume of breast raises some discomfort and request certain adaptations of everyday life.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is world famous for being the woman with natural breasts biggest in the world. While she was aged 12, she was wearing at the time a bra in size 34DD (according to the UK measures) to its 15 years, she reached the age of 17 in size 34GG. Its size was 36HH but is currently 36DD after surgery. Also in UK measures.

According to the magazine The People of the United Kingdom, the record for women with natural breasts biggest in the world would be a young woman aged 16 in 2005, Chloe Rogers: the size reach a titanic 34KK either 90P French in size, or 43.18 cm (17 inches compare with the diagonal of your screen) difference between the chest and around the chest under the breasts, bra included. Or a tour of the chest with breasts included, equal to about 130 centimeters. Each breast weigh 4 to 4.5 kg. She suffers from a chronic back problem and seeks to reduce the size of her breasts through plastic surgery. Her bra (or bra in English) is tailor-made and cost £ 100 (€ 150). Rachel Aldana is well known in the UK for a size 32JJ breasts.

As you can see, the natural breast size of the larger world is the subject of publications in the press people, especially in the United Kingdom. And as the European, American and English differ, it is not easy to do conversions. Exceeded a certain extent, it still seems that the size of breasts is more a physical disability for young women a favor, even if it can attract the notoriety. They may benefit as Linsey Dawn McKenzie, however, has finally yielded to the benefits of surgery, simply to "ease" its back.

Form and support
The general shape of the breast female is variable, mostly rounded conical. They can be pointed, in the form of "pear" or rounded up as "orange", etc.. Yet, external appearance does not predict their internal anatomy or their potential for breastfeeding. The shape of the breasts of a woman depends largely on their support, which comes mainly from Cooper's ligaments, and the underlying chest on which they rest. The breast is attached at the base of the chest wall by a thick aponeurosis on the pectoral muscles. On its upper face, a little support is given through the skin continues on the upper chest. It is this support that determines the shape of breasts. In a small number of women, the frontal sinus lactiferous (or "lights") in the breasts are not aligned with the surrounding breast tissue, causing swelling visible outside the area sinuses.

On the support of breasts, it is useful to distinguish between the breasts that are below the chest, and those who are not. Rounded breasts and senior saillent almost horizontally from the chest wall. At the beginning of pubertal development, all breasts are made and such form is common among young women and girls. Breasts "brought up" or prominent are anchored on the basis of the chest, and their weight is evenly distributed over the area at the base of the dome of the breast or conical breasts. Breasts "brought down" are part of their weight supported by the chest against which the lower part of the breast based on its surface, and a deep anchoring its base. The weight is distributed over a wider area, which has the effect of reducing tension. Among men and women, the chest down gently sloping gradually to the outside of the chest (above the sternum), down to the coast bases marking its lower limit, which allows the support breasts.

Lingerie and maintenance
The bra, lingerie piece is inseparable from the breasts of modern women so they do not sag. It is something used to cover and prevent breasts from falling too low on the bottom of the rib cage. The breasts tend to sag with age. Thus, a maintenance firm breasts throughout life, they do not lie, this is a synonym for beauty and less discomfort in the movement. Some women from African tribes that do not maintain this kind yet held in the beauty that lie breasts. The modern bra, replacing the former (and stifling) corset is expected to be light, convenient to them, even in its sports-friendly manner.

As the bra is an undergarment worn by women, it is a common object but also luxury (see linen). The methods of manufacturing (factory, retouching by hand) and materials used in its composition (cotton, lace, spandex, lycra, polyamide, polyester, etc..) Are manifold.

This type of clothing there since ancient and medieval periods: women used as devices to support their chest: strophium, straps, armbands, headbands, and corset bodice.(W3C)

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